GMG is developing a User’s Guideline for the IREDES protocol to bring attention to the protocol and help companies to understanding what is required for its implementation. Following the publication of the user’s guideline, this document may be used as a seed document to bring IREDES forward as a new work item for ISO TC 82 – Mining.

IREDES is the result of several major players in the mining and construction industries joining forces with a shared goal to develop a standard that connects rock excavating machines and IT infrastructures through a common language, while reducing the need for individual software development projects. Based on XML, the IREDES standard is open sourced, and provides a communication bridge through which rock excavation and mining equipment is connected to office systems.

The guideline will be a tool to assist the user to implement the IREDES protocol.


With mining machinery, automation has evolved to be a crucial component of safe, productive workflow and operational viability. As helpful as automation is in terms of streamlining operations, there are potential problems when the transfer of data and reports, which are generated in large batches by these machines, run into barriers during delivery through the work chain. So, while automation has made inroads in one direction, the lack of interoperability between machines, made more divisive by numerous proprietary interfaces ultimately has been a hindrance to productivity and to cost efficiency.

Much of mining equipment is remote controlled via a network, and each machine represents a single stop along the mining process chain; each is required to produce operational information to be passed along to the next automated stage. Prior to IREDES, even though equipment was automated and data controlled, in theory having the ability to process and disperse information, incompatible data formats meant that workflow stalled. Data and reports were being gleaned from several, single proprietary interfaces that were ineffective both from a cost and from a quality assurance point of view, making each stop along the mining process chain operationally isolated.

From an operator’s standpoint, IREDES assists in integration, providing a necessary missing link in a cost-prohibitive, complicated proprietary environment. One vendor cannot necessarily supply everything required. Mine operators are always going to be stuck with a multivendor fleet. It makes it very difficult to integrate multiple systems, but a common language and protocol like IREDES was provide a quick solution.


Develop a user’s guideline and subsequently bring the IREDES protocol forward as a new work item to ISO TC 82 – Mining as a method to assist greater uptake and implementation of the protocol across the mining industry.

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    IREDES Users Guideline

    IREDES Users Guideline

    09 22, 2015

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