Mining operators are faced with complex information delivered by equipment systems that are technology-centric rather than user-centric. The ability to achieve fast and accurate situation awareness (SA) in the face of this data and stimulus overload allows for effective decision making, information exploitation and operator action.

Although advances in technology are enabling access to a greater variety of data, the deciding factor for successful operations depends on people’s ability to rapidly capitalize on the maze of available information to support needed decision-making. Through the development of equipment operator requirements and user-centred tools, such as a common operator interface for large shovels, will help improve operator SA, performance and safety, reduce errors, and result in less in-cab hardware to maintain.

This multi-phase project aims to develop guidelines for an operator driven unified interface, to enable numerous systems to operate one effective operator interface with as few displays, statuses and operator notification methods (eg. light, sound, etc) as effectively possible.


Develop operator-driven design guidelines for the development of a unified common user interface for large shovels; aid the creation of common interfaces – in-cab screens that incorporate multiple onboard systems into a single presentation – to maximize the shovel operator’s experience, safety, and ability to make decisions.

A secondary purpose of the project is to prove the viability of such a common interface to improve the operator experience, safety and decisionmaking, so that future versions might be rolled out to provide guidelines for the design of common interfaces for other mobile mining equipment both at surface and underground, and provide a common reference for the industry to move forward to develop and make available solutions and the foundation for other types of mining equipment operator interfaces.

Project Updates

  • Situation Awareness (SA)

    Unified Shovel Interface

    Unified Shovel Interface

    09 22, 2015

    Shovel operators are one step closer to having a better tool to operate and monitor their equipment. The development of a Unified Shovel Interface is into Phase 3, focused on ...