Business Objective

Collaborate with mining industry leaders and outside industries to leverage their experience and knowledge in applying existing reliability best practices to a mining environment.

Project Description

The Reliability Working Group is an operator-focused group whose purpose is to provide a network and forum for reliability professionals in mining to exchange knowledge and share reliability and maintenance best practices, resulting in improved asset reliability, productivity, safety, and lower operating costs.

Current project objectives include:

  • Identifying the common elements of successful reliability programs, including processes, tools, technologies and organizational roles.
  • Developing metrics and KPIs that enable monitoring of maintenance performance and reliability program effectiveness and facilitate comparison to industry peers.
  • Publishing Reliability Best Practices Guidelines, including common maintenance and reliability terminology, definitions and KPIs.
  • Enabling benchmarking of maintenance and reliability performance.
  • Launching a sub-committee to develop a best practice maintenance work management model.

The working group has also developed a sub-committee to bridge the mining industry with the work of the ISO technical committee 251 on Asset Management and the ISO 55000x standards series. This sub-committee will enable collaboration with other reliability and asset management organizations beyond the mining sector.

Business Case

Mines are asset intensive ventures. In today’s challenging markets, investors and management want assurance that operations are realizing full value from their investment.

Best Practice Guidelines based on the collective experience and knowledge of a wide range of mining and industrial expertise maximize production capacity and minimize asset risk by applying accepted maintenance management practices. A structured reliability program informed by global best practices provides assurance to investors, insurers and the workforce that assets are reliable, efficient and safe.

Project Updates