The mining industry is host to a vast array of proprietary devices and technologies that are unable to communicate with other on-board and off-board systems and technologies. As long as this communications gap exists between devices, onboard data sharing will prove insufficient and ineffective, limiting overall operational efficiency. The development of a mining API offers clear, measurable benefits attached to the pillars of mining stakeholder profitability: safety, productivity and operational efficiency.

A draft Guideline for an Application Program Interface (API) that aims to bridge the gap and unify the language has been developed. The guideline is intended to be a starting point for broader industry engagement and to solicit feedback on the use cases, requirements and potential roadblocks that must be overcome, and should ultimately create a reference for the industry to move forward on creating solutions for onboard data access and connectivity.


To engage industry stakeholders on the definition of a guideline or standard to facilitate seamless access to the broad range of intelligent devices and applications that are available for mobile mining equipment today.

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