Traditionally, issues surrounding the integration of operations have been considered from a mechanistic point of view which favours working in silos or business functions. The IOWG suggests that the real problem is the variability of the entire production process. The high variability of material flow and quality is an unsolved problem in the mining and metals industry that sensitively affects both the levels of production and the costs.

When it comes to mining operations and production, it is about addressing the process as a whole, rather than the sum of its parts. More attention must be paid to the interdependencies among the parts of the system, looking at the production process holistically.

The GMSG Integrated Operations Working Group has been working towards collaboratively developing a framework that will not only identify best practices and areas to apply efficiencies, but help companies ensure that they are addressing the challenges around implementation of integrated operations most effectively.


Driving implementation of a holistic approach to integrated operations across stakeholders in the mining sector, to support operational, production and safety excellence.

Project Updates

  • Integrated Operations (IO)

    IO Framework

    IO Framework

    11 26, 2015

    The first step of the Integrated Operations working group was the development of a consensus-based Integrated Operations Framework. More details are available in the attached presentation.