The Mobile Equipment Open Data Consensus Guideline V1 will be published in early 2016. The objective of the project is to develop guidelines to identify the onboard data for open pit and underground equipment that should be available for unfettered use to increase operational efficiencies.

2016 projects:

  1. Mobile Equipment Open Data Consensus Guideline V2
  2. Autonomous Equipment Open Data Consensus
  3. Open Data Lighthouse Project: create a shared vision and demonstrate value proposition of mobile equipment open data as defined in the guideline, through tracking and publishing a series of OEM – operator case studies.



Most leading enterprise mine operators are driving 21st century operational excellence through better visibility and management of mine to mill operation, adopting an ongoing focus on continuous improvement innovation. This requires a significant amount of technology, systems and information, including source data related to the real-time and historical performance of mobile mining equipment.

In addition to open access to this mobile equipment data for value-add internal operator use, many mine operators are moving to advanced services to support the ongoing health, condition and performance of the equipment. To support these services and others, OEMs also require effective real-time and historical data integration to the mobile equipment in the field. In summary, both mine operators and OEMs need an increasing amount of data access to continue to drive continuous improvement.

Before any technical equipment connectivity standards can emerge, a common industry vision of what data is required and why it is needed should be established between the operators and OEMs. This understanding will become the foundation for evolving the current relationships and driving continued improvements in mining efficiencies.

The Mobile Equipment Open Data Guideline Version One will be published in early 2016. This data set was developed between OEMs and their customers and is based on real needs of owners to extract value from the equipment data. This guideline outlines the onboard data groups that should be made available and open to the equipment owner, in a real-time, read-only format. This year, a focus on the onboard data of autonomous machines will strive to achieve consensus between operators and OEMs, as an important step towards greater innovation.

A second guideline project, focusing on onboard data requirements related to autonomous mining, will launch in 2016.


Identifying and developing the rational and associated guidelines to create a common vision for the seamless unfetter access and usage of mobile equipment data across the mine cycle, including both open pit and underground, for the purpose of increasing operational efficiencies.

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