Throughout the mine cycle, myriad software packages are used to store, interpret, and analyse data gathered from equipment, sensors, personnel, and the ore body itself. To date, enabling transfer of data between these packages has, at best, required detailed proprietary efforts resulting in increased costs for both mine operators and their suppliers.

Open exchange of data between all software used in a mine will reduce implementation costs, redundancy, streamline work processes, and shift the focus from proprietary integration projects to overall operational efficiency.

This project aims to develop an open protocol to enable the transfer of data between mine software packages. Participants include most of the leading vendors, as well as a number of mine operators.


Within the current situation, every major vendor is required to build a custom exchange with each other, adding to the overall development costs. Whether open or licenced, these custom exchanges can become impediments to technology innovation and data exchange between software, and can mean substantial fees to both vendors and their customers. Additionally, with most individual exchange formats there is some loss of data. The objective of this project, to develop a consensus-based, open data exchange for mine software, will reduce those impediments to innovation, additional costs, and achieve a robust, loss-less format for data exchange.

Without a default standard for data exchange, many mine sites are burdened with duplication of tasks and in general a lack of streamlined information sharing across the mine cycle. To compensate, data must be uploaded and stored into a variety of formats and systems, or the mining company must invest in third party solutions to mitigate this challenge.

The creation of an open data exchange for mine software will benefit both vendors and their customers from both a cost-savings and productivity perspective.


Develop or identify an open protocol to enable the flow and exchange of data between all software systems used throughout the mine.

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