The Open Group’s Exploration, Mining, Metals and Minerals (EMMM) reference framework defines the operating context for the industry. It acts as a guide, providing context to the operations in the industry. The formation of this group supports the notion of collaboration as a meaningful industry tool by which to identify and disseminate practical solutions to address common stakeholder problems as they strive for operational excellence.

The Common Reference Framework Working Group is designed to assess Open Group’s EMMM industry models as an overview of the entire business functions and processes of a mining organization from prospecting to the corporate financial statement, with the purpose of establishing it as a common industry model through the publication of a user’s guideline outlining its use and application.

The collaboration between The Open Group’s EMMM forum and the GMSG will allow the relation of operational level projects to the context definition provided by the Reference Framework, providing a more holistic view of the mining business and the areas where the industry plays.


Prior to the EMMM models, there has been a lack of a commonly accepted framework providing a generic description of the mining business. Without a framework for reference, every new information management initiative starts afresh with issues of explaining objectives and solutions to mining industry challenges. GMSG has selected the Open Group’s work as a reference because they have published, scrutinized, tested and approved standard models covering the full value chain of the mining industry.

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