Current Projects

Intent of the project

Advance the development of guidelines for the implementation of open communications infrastructure in underground mines.

Project update

In 2014, Queen’s University mining engineering students were engaged to conduct an industry survey that dug deep into mine operations’ experiences with the selection and implementation of communications infrastructure underground. Of the approximately 40 responses, it was heavily weighed (18) to the Sudbury region, which is primary old mines. Working Group consensus was that the results were a good start, but not fully representative of the global mining industry.

During Q1 2015 the sub-committee made some progress towards a project plan for the next phase, and identified a number of areas where additional input was required to determine the correct path forward.

A workshop has been developed, to be held in Montreal, May 2015, during the CIM conference, to seek that additional input.


Though prior GMSG stakeholder surveys in 2012 and 2013 identified underground communications infrastructure as a priority area for guideline development, the current industry climate has resulted in greater difficulty to engage and seek input from representatives across a broad span of global operations.

The need for truly global input into the guideline development has been identified. Towards that end, leadership for the working group has been engaged in Southern Africa, and also Australia.

Next steps

Following the May 2015 workshop in Montreal, a project plan will be presented to the Underground Mining Working Group, and necessary resources identified. Further regional workshops will be developed, including Johannesburg, North America, South America and Australia, to engage a greater representation of the underground mining industry.

The intent is to develop a project plan to present a draft guideline to the working group by year-end 2015.