Operational Safety and Risk Management

GMSG Operational Safety and Risk Management Working Group: 2014 Plan Development and Teleconference

The GMSG Operational Safety and Risk Management Working Group has not held any group meetings over the past few months, but progress has been on-going. Following a strategic planning meeting of the group leaders, a proposed plan for 2014 is attached. The focus in 2014 is on Progress Towards a Unified Safety Community for the global mining sector.

Click on GMSG Safety Strategy 2014  for a document outlining upcoming projects and plans for next year.

Briefly, the document contains: the project plan for the Leading Indicators project. We will be building on the ICMM document and the GMSG survey executed this past summer (click on Results _Leading_Indicators_Survey) ; the project plan for the Corporate Safety Standards: Benchmarking for Excellence project; the Mapping the Safety Landscape project and Potential Focus Areas for Mine Safety – and an opportunity to build a list of key areas of development this group should stay abreast of.

We will hold the next teleconference on January 22, 2014 at 4:00 pm Eastern (Montreal). A calendar invite will go out prior. Meanwhile, it would be great to build our membership base – the more voices around the table, the better. Please contact me with any suggested people that should be invited.

Your feedback is always appreciated, so please do not hesitate. Work will get under way on the first steps of the projects, so we can enter the new year on a roll.

The Operational Safety and Risk Management Group is a network for sharing operational safety standards, guidelines and best practices across mining jurisdictions, and identifying areas for further development.


  1. Harmonization of regulations and standards
  2. Leading indicator development as a means to support best practices
  3. Collaboration with EMESRT
  4. Benchmarking corporate safety standards
  5. Identification of global mining safety challenges where standards and guidelines efforts could help