Onboard Technology and Connectivity


The objective of the T&C WG is to define a method for enabling seamless provision of and access to onboard data. Within this scope, the T&C WG will consider both:

  1. Onboard Data Devices – these devices include OEM devices that are provided standard with modern mining equipment as well as 3rd party devices installed ex-factory to perform specific tasks (e.g. Fleet Management, Machine Guidance, Remote Condition Monitoring, etc)
  2. User Interfaces – typically screens that are installed in the equipment cab to enable operators to give and receive information to intelligent system(s)

The T&C WG will not make recommendations on a hardware standard, but rather will focus on defining a method for communicating to the broad range of hardware devices currently available and installed on equipment.

For more information, visit the link below for a comprehensive presentation about the group’s aims and challenges the group intends to address.

Standardizing Access to Information from Onboard Mobile Mining Equipment