Project falls under GMSG’s Underground Mining Working Group

GMSG has launched a new project on short interval control (SIC) and real-time control (RTC) under the Underground Mining Working Group in its second partnership with the Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC).  The project was first proposed to GMSG’s Underground Mining Working Group following a meeting with CMIC’s Underground Mining committee, and has drawn strong support and participation from many companies throughout the industry.

The goal of SIC and RTC is to implement processes that allow mining supervisors to better manage tasks throughout a single shift, enabling real-time feedback on completed and outstanding work. Several mining companies have implemented some aspects of SIC and RTC, but there is a lack of independent guidance on how to proceed.

A best practices guideline will deliver much-needed direction on the available options for interval control, allowing for:

  • Greater and faster adoption of control technologies.
  • Lower cost implementation.
  • Fewer companies encountering problems with the technologies, resulting in fewer companies abandoning the technologies due to poor implementation.

The project will kick-off with a workshop in Toronto, Canada, on September 21, followed by a workshop in Stockholm, Sweden, from December 6-7. Both workshops will be co-hosted by Business Sweden.

Those interested in joining, contact Jennifer Curran.