OTM opportunities

Original technology manufacturers (OTMs) could benefit from standardizing access to onboard data through open protocols or standard communications:

  • enables development of smarter, more tightly integrated products (for example, asset health, safety including fatigue and proximity, standalone machine guidance – no FMS required, more integrated FMS, etc)
  • Allows OTMs to focus on the application, to create value and differentiation
  • Creates opportunity to sell license for API or other data access methods
  • Reduced cost of individual interface development
  • Simplifies interface development, making it less reliant on relationship with OEMs
  • Reduced barriers to selling to all customers by reducing infrastructure requirements, allowing easy integration with 3rd party products
  • Greater ability to learn from and leverage technology and solutions from other industries
  • Lower cost of entry for new OTMs to get established in the mining industry
  • Avoid the risk of developing on a protocol/platform that will become obsolete
  • Create unique, standardized definitions on the content of all parameters used in IREDES to ensure parameters from different systems have the same meaning – and machines can “talk to” and “understand” each other