Opportunities for operators

Standardizing operators’ access to data presents many opportunities that will have a positive impact on safety, production, and reliability:

  • Access to all onboard data to manage operations/asset health
  • Easy integration of multi vendor machine installations into data controlled mining process
  • Increased value for systems integration – requiring lower cost, effort and resources
  • Creates opportunities for higher level applications and capability – innovative new solutions (reduced barriers to entry)
  • Greater opportunity to integrate best of breed solutions (ex Modular Dispatch, Cat CAES, Matrikon MEMS, 3D-P, Seeing Machines DSS, etc)
  • Greater level of specialization in OEM/OTM/HW (ex HW platform from hardware specialists)
  • Greater vendor selection and system alternatives, options and costs – not a captured customer
  • Reduced barriers to creating end to end value chain visibility
  • Enhanced capability to benchmark and share best practices
  • Reduced cost of individual interface development
  • Create unique, standardized definitions on the content of all parameters used in IREDES to ensure parameters from different systems have the same meaning – and machines can “talk to” and “understand” each other