Mining and Metals Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MM-ISAC) is seeking new members for its leadership committees. MM-ISAC was established in Spring 2017 in response to the increased potential for cyber incidents affecting corporate networks and process control networks. These incidents are often coordinated, meaning it is no longer effective for individual companies to combat these threats alone. Greater collaboration is required to limit attacks on the industry’s progress in safety and sustainability.

Initially established through executive orders from the United States, ISAC was established across multiple industries to collaborate, pool resources, and share the information necessary to handle these threats.

In March 2017 at PDAC, six mining companies agreed to form a sharing community specific to the mining industry. In April 2017, the MM-ISAC was formed under the umbrella group, The International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI). Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group (GMSG) is an official partner with MM-ISAC in its efforts to collaborate with the mining industry.

The group is currently filling the following leadership committees.

  • Executive Advisory Board: shapes the direction of the ISAC and its programs.
  • Incident Response Plan (IRP) Working Group: Defines the ISAC IRP, how members will work together to respond to incidents.
  • Mining and Metals Cyber Resiliency Framework Group: Defines what it means to be a “secure” mining company.

MM-ISAC facilitates the sharing of critical cyber security information and enables member companies to benefit from this intelligence at a reasonable cost. Through cost-sharing with other members, the community of ISAOs, and international public-sector organizations, extra programs will be available to members that enhance security at no additional cost.

Companies interested in MMI-ISAC should contact: