GMSG was featured by mining consultant and Leadership Member, Hatch, as an organization that is breaking down isolation-type thinking and leading the next frontier for the mining industry. Written by Alvaro Rozo, Global Director, Smart Industries, Digital, Hatch, it explains how GMSG is using open collaboration with major industry companies and details how the digital age is helping the industry move away from its slow, silo-based thinking, which has become a significant business risk.

The Mobile Equipment Open Data Consensus Guideline was mentioned as an example of GMSG’s work in the digital transformation of the mining industry. “[The guideline] has been sufficient to drive changes on the part of OEMs about how information can be opened on their devices, how it’s collected, and how it can be selected,” Rozo wrote. “It’s a distinct advantage, and not just for big mining companies. These contributions are helping the OEMs’ businesses become more sustainable and integrated, encouraging them to develop common solutions going forward.”

GMSG’s partnership with standards organizations, including ISO, is also mentioned as part of GMSG’s ongoing collaboration strategy. “GMSG does not see itself as a purveyor of standards, but rather a group that identifies guidelines and requirements for their development,” Rozo wrote. “It leaves the nuts-and-bolts of standard development to other organizations that can adapt them for the mining industry—ones that already have mechanisms and methodologies for doing it effectively.”

The article points to safety, equipment integration, interoperability, and collaboration as key aspects of GMSG’s guideline work, identifying GMSG’s Corporate Member Report as a resource for learning about current Working Group projects. It concludes by calling for more resources for GMSG, asking for governments and university mining programs to fund or partner with, and recognize its benefit to the industry.

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