Upgraded project management site includes several new features

GMSG has launched Basecamp 3, an upgrade from its current virtual collaboration site, to offer more effective project management tools. Basecamp 3 offers a cleaner look, improved communications functionalities, and easier access to important documents and files.

The site is divided into two areas: GMSG Headquarters (HQ), a one-stop shop for GMSG operations and events info, which is open to all GMSG participants, and a projects area which includes Working Groups, Steering Committees and Project Sub-committees. A FAQ section has been added within the main folders in the HQ. Find answers on GMSG governance, events, membership, and more!

Key features include:

  • Automatic check-ins: a great tool for project leaders to add automatic reminders during review periods or when approaching critical deadlines.
  • Message types: conversations on the GMSG message boards are easily distinguishable with customizable message types, including announcements, pitches, and questions.
  • View settings: click the ellipsis button right of the Projects tab on the homepage to switch from the default Project Cards setting to Project List for a cleaner, more manageable look.
  • My stuff: keep track of your recent activity with quick links to your assignments, bookmarks, messages and more, located just right of GMSG HQ.
  • Document folders: an easy method of organizing documents. Within the Working Groups, common folders include General Information, Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Workshops, Background Documents, and Draft Guidelines.
  • Additional features include personalized inboxes, group chats for live conversations, improved to-dos and search functions, and customizable notifications.

Try it out! A user experience survey will be sent in October to collect feedback on the accessibility and value of Basecamp 3.

Access to Basecamp 3 is available by invitation only, and is now open to all GMSG Working Group and Sub-committee participants. If you haven’t received an invitation or have questions not answered in the FAQs, contact Jennifer Curran.