Our Mission

To facilitate and drive the application, utilization, and development of global mining standards and guidelines and enable a global community  and knowledge hub to support  standards and guidelines as positive tools for the global mining industry.

This includes:

  • Provide an environment and an organization to support, encourage, communicate, assist, and continually improve the mining community in the development and applications of potential and existing standards and guidelines.
  • Evaluate, approve, and endorse standard subject matter that will fall under the scope and management of the GMSG.
  • Communicate, assist, and facilitate the mentoring, exchange, and use of standards information and knowledge for the global mining community, including the organizing of events and knowledge sharing opportunities.
  • Develop strong relationships and collaboration with other related global, industry, and mining standards bodies.
  • Develop, provide, and execute the required processes and mechanisms to develop, modify, maintain, execute, and terminate the standards and guidelines covered by the GMSG.
  • Provide leadership and development on selected initiatives that are to the direct benefit to the industry as a whole.
  • Maintain an active and strong collaborative and directional relationship with SMART.