Zoli Lukacs

CIM Representative and Leader, Asset Management Working Group

Zoli is the Director of Reliability at KMC Mining, responsible for developing and implementing a maintenance planning and reliability strategy for a mining fleet of over 200 units. In previous positions Zoli was Director of Maintenance Planning and Technology as well as Operations Manager for another large contracting organization, and Manager, Mining Services and Managing Consultant, Global Maintenance Practice, at leading mining consulting firms.

His experience is based on a strong operational background gained over 20 years with leading mine operations, involved in short range planning, cost management, marketing and logistics support and maintenance planning at one of the world’s most productive metallurgical coal mines and in management positions in mine planning and maintenance services at a major oil sands operation. During this time he also developed interest in performance management practices, process improvement, systems design and technology strategy development and implementation.

Zoli is a strong advocate of knowledge and best practices exchanges through involvement in CIM and SMART.