About Us

The Global Mining Guidelines Group facilitates global mining collaboration on solutions to common industry problems, needs and technology through standards, guidelines and best practices. GMG operates on the five principles of inclusivity, collaboration, innovation, optimization and technology.

Our Vision

To become a global organization for the mining community to develop, maintain, endorse, collaborate, educate, and communicate mining industry standards and guidelines which will be supported and used by mining stakeholders to improve the safety, operational, environmental, and financial performance of the mining industry.

This includes:

Provide an environment and an organization to support, encourage, communicate, assist, and continually improve the mining community in the development and application of potential and existing standards and guidelines.

Evaluate, approve and endorse standard subject matter that will fall under the scope and management of the GMSG.

Communicate, assist and facilitate the mentoring, exchange and use of standards information and knowledge for the global mining community, including the organizing of events and knowledge sharing opportunities.

Develop strong relationships and collaborations with other related global, industry and mining standards bodies.

Develop, provide and execute the required processes and mechanisms to develop, modify, maintain, execute, and terminate the standards and guidelines covered by the GMSG.


Provide leadership and development on selected initiatives that directly benefit the industry as a whole.


Maintain an active and strong collaborative and directional relationship with our partner organizations.